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Short term and long term collection of data and observations, documentation of work methods and analysis of findings have brought many improvements at the YTL power stations. The following are key highlights from past projects:

1) Business Expansion Opportunity while Improving Internal Maintenance Strategy

Condition Monitoring Organisational Improvement Programme
Preventive maintenance was not enough to provide prediction of failures without opening up the equipment. Alternative measurement methods had to be researched. The WIT team introduced thermography, vibration monitoring and oil condition monitoring, all of which are practised today, and offered as services to external clients.

2) Green Solutions to Minimise Wastage of Resources and Cost Savings

Minimisation of Boiler Water and Chemical Usage
Water and chemical consumption is a major expense for an O&M service provider. Extensive research on water chemistry and recommendations on best operation practices have led to more than 50% reduction in water and chemical consumption for the YTL plants. This was achieved by balancing the frequency of boiler blowdowns with the boiler chemistry.

3) Overcoming Limitations with Creative Solutions

Replacement of Distributed Control System
The OEM's push for obsolescence of the existing DCS system included end of support for repairs and spare parts, and recommendation to replace the entire system to ensure business continuity. Feasibility studies were carried out to determine the scope of replacement and the best time for the upgrade. The Pasir Gudang plant, which is the smaller plant, was chosen for the upgrade. The WIT team proved that the Paka plant could run for another ten years on the existing DCS, by utilising the dismantled parts and warehouse stock from Pasir Gudang (total of more than 1600 components).

4) Improvement of Internal Processes for Better Quality Management

Implementation of Information Management System
The advent of ICT in Malaysia encouraged all personnel to utilise desktops and notebooks for processing the most routine processes, resulting in disparate storage and non-standardisation of records. Several WIT teams were established to integrate all silo processes and provide an enterprise level platform for better control and monitoring of the whole organisation. To date, the QA manual, documents and records, including all administration and engineering procedures are stored centrally. Routine tasks of every department, including Head Office processes, O&M processes and other business processes are integrated at the enterprise level, resulting in better decision-making, minimisation of paper usage and faster turnaround time.

5) Improvement of Plant Safety

Reconfiguration of Fire Alarm Panel Computer Controls
The OEM control keypad and 2-line display for the fire alarm panel is difficult to read especially during emergencies or for troubleshooting. Determined to innovate, the keypad controls were transferred onto an old desktop PC to improve readability and user-friendliness. Instead of a small keypad controlling a host of functions, personnel can now use a proper QWERTY keyboard for their work.

These are just five key areas of improvements. Our long-term strategies are customised to your business needs. We believe that 15 years of excellence is meant to be shared. As an O&M service provider, we can make significant improvements to your power plant.